Litigation is expensive, in both time and money, and creates uncertainty until it’s over. We try to solve legal problems without litigation. But, if litigation is required, we will persistently advocate the interests of our client in court. We are experienced in handling trials in state and federal courts, appeals and actions before governmental administrative agencies.

Litigation, guardianshipWe have successfully pursued a wide variety of cases for our clients, including real estate, business, construction, contract interpretation, contested guardianships, powers of attorney, and fiduciary matters involving disputes over wills, estates and trusts. We have won important appellate cases on a wide variety of issues including family law, land use, eminent domain, workers’ compensation, insurance coverage, and employment.

Teri Spradlin, LLC routinely represents trustees of trusts and personal representatives of estates as well as individuals who have a claim against a trustee or a personal representative. We have represented a wide range of large, medium-sized and small business clients in business litigation, and have built up an impressive record of results in cases involving all types of commercial disputes. Our experience in real estate and business litigation is extensive and includes resolving disagreements among business owners and between businesses, real estate boundary and co-ownership disputes.

We have extensive experience in all forms of dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, collaborative practice, and arbitration. We offer our clients a wide variety of practical options to resolve a legal dispute, which can save money, allow clients to stay in control of the resolution of a case rather than allowing the courts to decide for them, and keep personal and business affairs confidential.