Teri Spradlin, LLC offers comprehensive estate planning and Wills and Trusts services. We help families plan for life, deal with death, preserve wealth, and protect inheritances. Estate planning is a Gift to your Family.  Above all, it spares your family the expense, delay and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass; and is necessary before then, if you become disabled.

At Teri Spradlin, LLC estate planning is not done for you, it is done with you. Our approach is simple: you tell us about your family, we tell you about the law, and then together we create an estate plan that really works for you and your family. Then, the plan will be tailored to meet the unique circumstances, challenges and opportunities present in your life and in the lives of your family and loved ones.

Teri Spradlin, LLC is a member of WealthCounsel. WealthCounsel is a national membership organization of more than 2,500 attorneys who “Practice Excellence,” and are committed to a client-centric approach to estate planning. We routinely represent clients in the following estates and trusts areas:

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Estates & Trusts Services

Our Achievements

Here are some examples of matters we regularly and successfully handle for our clients:

  • Complex estate planning for high-income clients
  • Helped parents obtain guardianship over disabled child turning 18 (becoming emancipated)
  • Helped parents set up trust for injured child awarded settlement in personal injury litigation case
  • Helping family members become Guardian of the Person and Property of disabled family members
  • Regularly guide family members through annual accounting of property as required by court
  • Represent Personal Representatives in estate litigation
  • Represented elderly client in fraud case